Branciforte Fountain Sicily, Italy

Branciforte Fountain Mural  N. Wilkesboro, NC

Danny & Stephanie BRANCIFORTE, Owners

Enjoying a spectacular location, nestling in a natural ampitheatre on a hill with the Palazzo Nicola Placido Branciforte, the fountain was built in 1611, visible for miles around. The famous Granfonte, a gold-colored stone fountain commissioned by Branciforte in 1651 boasts 24 spouts and a series of small pointed arches crowned with a pediment bearing the Branciforte coat of arms.

LEONFORTE was founded by Placido Nicola Branciforte in the 17th century. These are direct relatives of Danny Branciforte.

Danny and Stephanie lived down the street from one another as kids in Charlotte, NC.  Danny grew up in a Southern Italian family that communed around the dinner table with friends and family sharing recipes passed down for generations.  A table for 20 full of laughter and love was a regular occurrence. Stephanie's table was full too, but with patrons at her mother's restaurant serving up their Northern Italian recipes to the masses of Charlotte.  Dolce Ristorante continues to be run by Luisa and is a Charlotte Magazine "Best of the Best". 

These Northern and Southern Italian roots are merged beautifully at Branciforte's Brick Oven to offer authentic and delicious meals in the foothills of the magical Blue Ridge Mountains.  The restaurant draws patrons from all over the world.  Australia to France to Brazil.... just a few of the places our friends come from year after year to experience a taste of the real Italy in Wilkes.